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DeLonge and Barker together again for possible Boxcar Racer return

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It’s been a while since we’ve seen an update from Tom DeLonge formerly of Blink 182 fame. But overnight it seems that Tom and former bandmate Travis Barker have been having a chat about making some music together. Could this be a return to Blink 182 for their estranged alien hunting guitarist? Nope, remember in the early noughties DeLonge and Barker had another band on the go, Boxcar Racer. Well it appears that the good conversation that the former bandmates had, might be about the return of this band. Signs to appear to be positive with DeLonge tweeting about playing more BCR on instagram, retweeting a fans tweet about a Boxcar Racer reunion and Travis Barker discussing the likelihood of a new album as ‘cool’. Hopefully these positive signs come to fruition.


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