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No New Tool or APC Albums in 2017?

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A few weeks ago we told you about A Perfect Circle’s Billy Howerdel hinting that new music and hopefully an album from the band would drop at some point in 2017. Cue last weekend when all of that was shot down in flames via the band’s Twitter account. A fan tweeted ‘Hearing rumours of a potential new A Perfect Circle album later this year hashtag please be true. A Perfect Circle or the person operating their twitter fired back ‘Not True’. Cue another tweet from a Tool fan which said ‘Oh what a pity, then remains to hope what the new Tool album brings’ to which the A Perfect Circle twitter account tweeted ‘Also not True’. Get the feeling that the same person is looking after both bands Twitter accounts? Either both bands are foxing and don’t want to reveal new material is coming or the forthcoming albums won’t be done until next year. Signs do point to movement in both camps though will Tool announcing a massive show on June 24th with the Melvins and Primus in the states and A Perfect Circle playing two new songs on their current US Tour. So something is happening, we just don’t when it’s going to happen.


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