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So what happened at Glastonbury last weekend?

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If you missed your feed on any social media platform over the weekend you may not have noticed that the Glastonbury festival occurred in the UK and with everyone probably still nursing hangovers and degrees of tinnitus, news is filtering through of just what happened over the weekend.

Firstly Foo Fighters triumphantly returned to the stage after having to cancel in 2015 because Dave Grohl broke his leg, and there was a lot going on in their set. As NME reports Dave Grohl dedicated the song My Hero to a guy in the crowd who was in his birthday suit, feel sorry for the mate who had him on his shoulders, there was a marriage proposal and Grohl dedicated the song Everlong to a fan who had passed away after a long battle with cancer. This came about when the woman’s husband contacted Dave via Twitter.

But it wasn’t just the Fooies that had a great time, Barry Gibb had security guards dancing in the pit, Biffy Clyro stated they were enjoying the positive vibes of the festival, a teacher was caught marking assignments during Liam Gallagher’s set and The Killers made a surprise appearance on the John Peel Stage with comedian Jimmy Carr watching side of stage.

The organizers plan to take 2018 off from hosting the festival but one of the organizers has stated that he would put the event on in 2018 if a certain band is going to re-form, going on to say that it isn’t One Direction. I’m theorizing that this could be Oasis, suppose we’ll just have to wait and see!


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