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Have a first look at Josh Brolin as Cable in Deadpool 2

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Last week we got a chance to see Atlanta star Zazie Beetz as the mutant mercenary Domino in the upcoming Deadpool 2. Now Ryan Reynolds has given us a glimpse at his time-travelling partner-in-crime Cable, played by Josh Brolin.


Of course after such a small tease the internet went into meltdown mode and wanted to see more! So, of course, Reynolds delivered



The second picture allows us to check out his heavy arsenal, that funky techno-organic virus on the side on his neck and his fully cybernetic arm.

But what’s the go with that teddy bear on the side of his hip? That’s not something we’ve seen in the comics. That could leave

To the uninitiated, Cable (Nathan Summers) was created by Chris Claremont in 1986 as the biological son of X-Men’s Scott Summers (Cyclops) and Jean Grey’s clone Madelyn Pryor. Cable’s relation to Deadpool is that he was part of an ongoing comic book series simple titled ‘Cable & Deadpool’ which ran from May 2004 to April 2008. It was cancelled after its 50th issue to make way for a new Cable series and a new Deadpool series.

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