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IT Chapter 2 has an official release date

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To say the 2017 remake of Stephen King’s IT is a financial phenomenon would be an understatement, so it’s no wonder a sequel would be in the works. Now we have an official date for IT: Chapter Two

September 6th, 2019

Yup, there’ll be more red balloons popping up in a couple years’ time. That two-year gap is actually pretty reassuring. If it was less I’d be concerned about the film’s rushed quality in an attempt to meet audience demand (remember when the last two Matrix films released within the same year? Ugh).

The Hollywood Reporter says Gary Dauberman will return to write the sequel and it’s presumed director Andy Muschietti will jump back on for a follow-up to his most successful film.

If you’re a fan of the original 1990 TV mini-series you may have pieced together the kid actors from the 2017 film won’t feature as the protagonists since Chapter 2 is set in the present day. BUT that does open up opportunities for them to appear in flashbacks! Let’s be honest, Richie and Eddie were the best part of the film.


 Many of us knew a sequel would soon follow after the film’s final image revealed the 2017 version was just Part One. Going by its huge success I don’t think the higher-ups have any plans on stopping this cash cow at just two films. Will you be seeing IT: Chapter Two? Or was the first quite enough?


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