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Pumpkins OG Line up reunion is happening

Bathurst, New South Wales, Australia / 99.3 B-Rock FM

There’s been a lot going on in the Smashing Pumpkins camp of recent times with a mysterious photo shoot being talked about across a number of social media pages, a countdown clock that has appeared on their website, which will get to zero in the early hours of Friday morning our time, it is expected to be the announcement of an OG reunion tour of the states, but here’s the main part of this story, it appears that the OG lineup will be without bass player Darcy Wretzky.

According to text messages displayed online by the former pumpkins bass player, Jack Bates son of New Order’s Peter Hook will be on bass. So why isn’t Darcy playing? It depends on who you ask, Billy Corgan has said he asked and she said no, Darcy says that she was asked said yes, but then the offer of the tour was reduced to only selected dates. Either way a big announcement is coming from Smashing Pumpkins, so we’ll keep you posted on this.


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