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Meet Crimson Royale B-Rock FM’s 2017 Battle of the Bands Winner!

The band now known as Crimson Royale had first started as a 3 man band, consisting of Ben and Jackson Howle, and Jake Parker. With jam sessions in their music classes and at each others houses, the 3 of them decided to check out Phil McDowell’s open mics down at the BCCC, where they met their soon to be lead singer and rhythm guitarist, Luke Furbank. The band was then a 4 man band, but after many jam sessions together, there was a main component missing.

Weeks after, we had a 5 man band with our bass guitarist, Tom Rodham.


The name Crimson Royale, was made when the boys were at a family party and decided to take a walk to the top of a hill overlooking the whole of Bathurst, trying to think of a name. We were forced by our parents to have a name for our band as otherwise, we would be named the ‘Bathurst Boy Band’ whether we liked it or not!


To this present day the band consisting of Tom Rodham (15yrs) on bass guitar and backup vocals, Luke Furbank (15yrs) on lead vocals and rhythm guitar, Jake Parker (16yrs) on the keyboard, Jackson Howle (16yrs) on the drums, and Ben Howle (16yrs) on the lead guitar, now has their own practice and recording studio where they have been writing and recording songs, and jamming with eachother!


The band covers a broad range of music from The Rolling Stones, U2, and the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, to Foo Fighters, Coldplay, and The Rubens. There is always something for everyone when playing gigs at local festivals, O’Connell Hotel, Paddys Hotel, Tarana Hotel, Perthville Hotel, school functions, and private parties, Fish River Festival.


Crimson Royales debut single “Drive Me Crazy” which they professionally recorded at Dotted Eight Studio in Orange as part of their prize for winning the Relay For Life Battle Of The Bands, was composed late 2016. With Luke Furbank having a connection with one of their influences, The Rubens, their single may have a much bigger chance to spread and to get many people to listen!

The bands future goals is to release a debut album, to perform many gigs at bigger events, and to get well known around Bathurst and the region! Once they accomplish these achievements, the dreams of then opening for bands, to then gradually step up and have bands opening for them to rise onto the big stages!


Crimson Royale would like to thank their friends, family, and supporters for the support they have provided along the whole journey, but most importantly, their teachers, Phil McDowell and Aaron Hollier.

“We would be nowhere without our amazing teachers, and we are extremely thankful for their time and passion for music!”

They would also like to thank Craig Honeysett for his professionalism in recording the track at Dotted Eight Studio, Orange, for providing this amazing opportunity, aswell as Phil Cole, Benny Hope and everyone at B Rock FM.


Crimson Royale is:_

Tom Rodham- Bass guitar backup vocals
Ben Howle- Lead guitarist
Jackson Howle- Drummer
Luke Furbank- Lead vocals rhythm guitar
Jake Parker- Keyboardist