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Webby The Graveyard shift

Hi, “Webby” is what people call me now as after all the nick names I have been called from the stupid things I have done over the year have been superseded, so now it’s just simply “Webby”.

I grew up in Bathurst as many of you would know and played most sports from Rugby union to cricket to tennis and hockey and everything else in between. I hosted the Bathurst Sheep & Cattle Drome Show for ten years- it was also part of the family farm until it was sold in 2001. I did learn to shear a sheep, milk a cow, weld the broken gate on the farm and my first trade was a wool classer. Our drive way was 4km long and was given my first car at seven, which I drove to the front gate to catch the bus to go to school. In Year 11 after blowing the engine in the car from racing to the bus I changed the “186” to “202” in the “HR” so I would not be late again! I love to steal the family boat too and go fishing on Sydney Harbour. I have also tried jumping out of a perfectly good aero plane, SCUB diving, and walking the Kododa track. Luckily the result was much better than my mechanical ability. Just to be different I decided to build my own farm house too.

Although no expert on any one subject I believe these experiences allow me to talk with confidence on the Radio and being “Bathurst’s Oldest Teenager” I am up all hours in the morning anyway so why not present to you the graveyard shift? I love all music, festivals -love being back stage- and cannot resist a party!