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Rumour: Steam Summer Sales dates leaked!

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Prepare to buy a whole lot of games for the cheap but never install them. Once again the dates for one of the biggest PC game sales of the year has been leaked! The Steam Summer Sale (winter in Australia) will allegedly begin on June 22nd and end on July 5th.

A Reddit user posted this screenshot of what they claim is the announcement, taken from a closed Steamworks developers group.

Last year the sale commenced on June 23rd and finished on July 4th so even if those leaked dates are wrong it most likely won’t be far off.

For console players and non-gamers, the seasonal Steam sales are more than just mere sales on video games, hundreds and hundreds of titles are heavily reduced to the point that a few dollars could buy you a brand new game. Yeah, there’s a reason why gamers save their pennies until these sales. I’m one of those gamers, and I’m not buying anything until June 22nd.


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