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Didn’t get Ed Sheeran Tickets? All hope isn’t lost..yet

Bathurst, New South Wales, Australia / 99.3 B-Rock FM


Tuesday Night was either ecstasy or heartache for Ed Sheeran fans around the country as many fans tried but failed to secure tickets to his Australian tour next March. But all hope is not lost yet, with the touring company behind his 2018 tour, Frontier Touring teaming up with resale website Twickets where Ed Sheeran tickets can be bought and sold at face value. In other words get stuffed ticket scalpers, but that of course hasn’t stopped them from trying to flog Ed Sheeran tickets for close to $1,000 on other sites! At this stage on the website you can put in your email address at and you will be emailed when a ticket becomes available. This unfortunately doesn’t guarantee you a ticket but it at least gives you some hope!


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