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Lowest Memorial Wkd box office since 1999

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In the states the Memorial Day weekend is traditionally a big weekend for the box office as it kicks off the summer blockbuster season … but this year’s opening? Yeah, not so good. In fact, it’s the lowest Memorial Day opening weekend since 1999.

Debut films Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales and Baywatch didn’t make much of a splash in the US market, making only $176 million in their total domestic sales. Neither Pirates nor Baywatch managed to crack their 100 million dollar mark.

There is no definitive reason as to why these films flopped at the box office, but speculation points to the films both being panned by critics, and that the Pirates films just don’t have the same hold on its audiences as it once did.

Earlier May releases such as King Arthur: Legend of the Sword and Alien: Covenant also failed to exceed expectations, even Covenant’s box office numbers dropped off by 80% in the second week. However there is still hope that Wonder Woman and the new Christopher Nolan epic Dunkirk will be the saving grace for the blockbuster season both critically and financially.


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