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Super Mario 64 Online is a real thing!

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After years of giving your little brother or sister an unplugged controller and pretending they were also playing Super Mario 64 so they’d leave you alone, now you can actually plug that bad boy in and jump around the Mushroom Kingdom together!

A free, fan-made modded version of Super Mario 64 brings back the 1996 classic in an online multiplayer game which lets you play new characters with up to 24 friends. Maybe now it’d be easier to get all 100 Coins on Rainbow Road with 23 other players racing around and bouncing off each other.

The new faces are already well established in the Mario universe but never appeared as playable characters in the original Super Mario 64. These include the very recognisable characters Princess Peach and Toad, as well as less recognisable characters like Waluigi (who just rocked up in Mario Tennis 64 one day) and Princess Rosalina (aka the ‘Before-Peach’ Princess).

Even better, all characters have unique powers and abilities! I have no idea what Waluigi will do but I really hope it has something to do with stomping things with his super-stylish orange clogs.

This online version is built off a Super Mario 64 ROM which you can download by clicking here

It also requires a bit of nifty tech work to get up and running, but you can learn how to do so by clicking here:


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