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Assassin’s Creed: Origins *Prologue* ~ Review and First Impressions!

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Assassin’s Creed: Origins ~ It’s here ~ Its lovely

It’s here, folks! Ubisoft have officially launched Assassin’s Creed: Origins and it has made it’s appearance on our shores in style, with thrilling combat, incredible graphics (Enhanced for Xbox One X) and a vast array of play styles to choose from, it’s hard to criticise this masterpiece. Let’s get in to the details.

—Extra note: This article MAY contain SPOILERS—

So jumping right in to the game players are given their first challenge, introducing them to the basics of the combat system and giving gamers the chance to feel comfortable with the game. This is not a difficult challenge and I immediately felt comfortable in the arena, however I must say that this introduction could have used more explanation. I found it challenging to keep up with the story at the very beginning and after some time I realised I had just completed the Prologue.

Players find themselves adventuring Siwa for a few hours, completing side missions and gaining experience and in-game knowledge and the game I feel does well in this aspect, it notifies the player if a mission is a higher level than your current level, I saw this as a chance to really explore and I soon found myself saving a man on an island because he had been out and had a big night and hadn’t returned to his wife. Now this was fairly straight forward. That is, until the crocodiles turned up.

This story is going to take some time to complete. But, I like that. I like that for the casual gamer who enjoys some sleep it won’t be over in a few hours, plus with all of the side quests, adventuring, customisation and cutscenes, who would want this to be over quickly?

Let’s talk customisation for a moment, because it’s clear that Ubisoft placed emphasis on this aspect of gameplay. Origins, as expected as an AC title, comes with hundreds of quests, both side quests and the main storyline. This means combat, lots of it, as well. Whether it’s running straight in to danger, or sneaking from above, diving down to assassinate your enemies, you have a few options. After some time you will level up and when this occurs you obtain an ability point, a health increase and a damage increase. Ability points can be used to buy skills in the “Abilities” menu, giving the player additional benefits in combat. These Abilities come in three sections, Hunter, Warrior and Seer, but what will you level up first? For me, I quite enjoy sneaking around the enemy and sniping them with my Warrior bow, so I upgraded my “Hunter” class early on to give me the advantage when engaging in combat.

Assassin’s Creed: Origins ~ Skill TreeThe storyline is truly gripping. Seen within “The False Oracle”, the connection between father and son is highlighted as players are taken across the Egyptian Desert to then find themselves completing the Prologue unlocking the “First Steps” trophy. Cutscenes, well Origins has a lot. They’re amazing. To the point it almost makes you feel as if you are watching a movie while interacting and deciding it’s outcome, with stunning graphics, audio quality and engaging combat this story will be one to remember.

Keep in this mind the Prologue did take some time, so I don’t know how big my legs are in this trophy journey, but if that was the first step, I will be tired quickly.

Much like the Prologue in Origins, this article is first of many to come regarding the Ubisoft masterpiece.



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